Case Studies – DoD Projects

COLUMBIA Technologies has successfully performed projects on dozens of Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and National Guard sites around the country using our array of High Resolution Vertical Profiling tools and real-time data services, SmartData Solutions® for optimizing all phases of the field work and reporting.

Our focus on high-quality, cost effective subsurface assessments along with our Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB) status and extensive experience with Performance Based Contracting and EPA Triad projects has made our firm a natural match for assessments of petroleum contaminated soil and solvent contamination on defense facilities.

Our team knows how to get in, get the job done right the first time and provide professional, high-resolution imagery for communicating actual site conditions to the regulators, the community and the command for reliable and timely decision making.


  • 541380 – Testing Laboratories
  • 562910 – Environmental Remediation Services
  • 562998 – All Other Miscellaneous Waste Management Services

Please click on the categories below for a section specific map with an accompanying project list where COLUMBIA Technologies has performed site assessments.

Marine Corps
Air Force
National Guard

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