Creating Clarity at a Complex UST Site Remediation with High-Resolution Imaging

A Challenge Years in the Making

Cleanup of a former construction company headquarters was finally achievable after COLUMBIA Technologies and TTL collaborated on a high-resolution assessment of ineffective remedial activities.

Challenges for the site included:

  • 15-years of cleanup activities without site closure
  • Over $340,000 invested in cleanup
  • Ongoing O&MM expenses

Early use of high-resolution direct imaging technologies produced a clear result for the consultant the Alabama state regulators.

  • LIF-UVOST® was used identify the total residual petroleum hydrocarbons over a much larger area and much deeper below the groundwater surface than previously identified.
  • The Hydraulic Profiling Tool (HPT) clearly identified contaminant migration pathways and their relationship to the dozen of wells previously installed on the site.

The project was supported with COLUMBIA's real-time information system SmartData Solutions® providing field-to-desktop information to all stakeholders and regulators.

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