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  • Reduce Your Cleanup Costs by 40%
  • Remediation Site Characterization
  • High Resolution Investigation Tools
  • Real Time Data & Results Delivered Globally to Any Device
Tell Us About Your Project
Changing the Course of Remediation to Reduce the Cost & Liability of Contaminated Land
Land Contamination Assessment with High-Resolution LNAPL Assessment

LNAPL Assessment

Land Contamination Assessment with Low-Level Diffuse GW Plume Mapping

Low-Level Diffuse
GW Plume Mapping

Environmental Site Assessment with Direct Sensing (MIP, MiHpt, LIF, OIP)

Direct Sensing
(MIP, MiHpt, LIF, OIP)

High Resolution Site Characterization with data management and visualization

Data Management
and Visualization

Remediation Site Characterization

Our team will conduct a remedial optimization study to characterize the problem, provide recommendations and cost savings alternatives.

High Resolution Assessment

  • Location & Type of Contaminants
  • Total Mass & Volume of Contaminants
  • Transport Pathways & Storage Zones
  • Source Identification
Site Characterization Services for soil and groundwater remediation
Site Characterization for contaminated land remediation

Remediation Optimization

  • Evaluate current approach
  • Recommend alternative options

Cost Analysis

  • Cost impact of staying the course
  • Approaches to reduce cost
  • Industry Benchmarking
Typical Engagements
Characterization for contaminated land remediation
Gas Stations
contaminated soil remediation for contaminated land remediation
Dry Cleaners
Site Characterization for Military Bases
Military Bases
groundwater monitoring and remediation for Petrochemical
Site Characterization for railroad
Site Characterization for industrial
Site Characterization for contaminated land remediation
Site Characterization for complex sites
Complex Sites
Steps to Success
1 Needs Analysis & Goals
2 Review of Site Data
3 Joint Scope of Work
4 Proposal & Pricing
5 Data Analysis & Results
How Can We Help?

Understanding Your Goals

  • Site Restoration (Closure)
  • Buy/Sell a Property
  • Litigation Support
  • Liability Management
  • Optimized Remediation

Let’s start a conversation about  your project to analyze your goals, needs, review your site data and provide you a proposal with pricing.

From there, we develop a Joint Scope of Work and a timeline for implementation.

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