Our Hiring Process

We at COLUMBIA Technologies believe our success and your successful professional growth in the environmental industry go hand-in-hand.  Creating successful outcomes for our customers requires using the best available science, technology, information management, and engineering practices.  Our most successful team members have developed a versatile toolbox including the understanding of science, use of technology, and working and communicating with others.  We strive to ensure our hiring process identifies future team members who possess these same skills and are excited about making a difference in the global environment.


The first steps in getting started on a possible place on our team are: 

  1. APPLY online at Careers@ColumbiaTechnologies.com
    • Upload your CV
    • Answer application questions and any assessments
  2. APPLICATION review
    • Our recruitment team will look for a fit to the role based on your skills and experience
    • If the application seems like a good fit, we will invite you to a telephone interview with a recruiter.  We will normally follow up within two weeks depending on the role.
    • If you are not selected, we will let you know via email.  We’ll also keep your information on file for future opportunities. 
  3. PHONE interview
    • Let’s chat!  At this stage we’re eager to get to know a bit about you, and tell you more about COLUMBIA Technologies.  Phone screenings are up to 30 minutes, and focus on culture and fit. We also want to answer questions you have about COLUMBIA Technologies and the opportunity.
  4. HIRING MANAGER review
    • From here, the recruiter will share with the hiring manager for them to consider you for the next stage interview.
    • If the hiring manager would like to move forward, we will call you to arrange an interview.  The interview will preferably be in person and we will work with you to schedule travel, if needed.  Alternatively, we may conduct the interview through a video web conference call.
    • If you are applying from the U.S., you will also be asked to complete a formal application and submit references to be checked by “Skill Survey” before the interview.
  6. JOB offer
    • If we think we’re a good match for you and you’re a good match for us, we will contact you as soon as a decision has been made to let you know the good news.  We may need a few more days to work out the legal details and to get your offer package approved.
    • If you are not the selected candidate, we will call to let you know and offer feedback.
  7. PRE-EMPLOYMENT screenings (US only)
    • You will be asked to sign a background check consent form and a background check will be conducted by an approved third party provider.
    • You will also be asked to complete a drug screen and pre-employment physical to meet OSHA standards for hazardous waste site workers and Department of Transportation (DOT) driving standards.
    • If you have passed all of the pre-employment screenings, an Onboarding Coordinator will be in touch to coordinate your first day.  
    • Your initial training will include OSHA 40-hour training for hazardous waste site workers (or equivalent international standards), first-aid, and CPR (if not already completed).

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our team!