How Can We Help?

Our team is backed by the experience of over 2000 high-resolution site characterization assessments across the globe.  

Lean on us to evaluate whether these tools and technologies are right for your contaminated land assessment.  Our "Columbia Way" will ensure you have:

  • The best science-based approach
  • Our collaborative support throughout your project
  • 24x7 access to your data and information

Key to our success in "getting you across the goal line" is a good understanding of your site conceptual model combined with your business and technical goals.  Please provide as much detail as needed to help us achieve your goals.  

Useful information includes:

  • A site map
  • Geology and boring logs
  • Contaminants of concern and expected concentrations
  • Soil analytical results
  • Groundwater monitoring results
  • Monitoring well locations and screen intervals
  • Any known LNAPL or DNAPL source locations
  • Trends in groundwater levels

You can upload historical information and project files to our secure file vault here:  Secure FileVault

If you would to speak to someone immediately please call
+1-888-344-2704 and "Press 1" for Sales Support.