It takes skilled application of science and technology, data best practices, engineering expertise and collaborative teamwork to achieve the best outcome in monetizing an environmentally challenged real property asset. That is why, since 1999, organizations worldwide have counted on COLUMBIA Technologies to provide the high-value information assets that help site managers reduce the risk, uncertainty, and costs of contaminated site cleanup and remediation.

Our Mission

We strive to reduce your life-cycle cost of environmental liabilities by 40% or more enabling you to create a more financially and environmentally sustainable future.

A Partner with Passion

All of us at COLUMBIA Technologies bring to every customer need and site an unequaled passion and dedication to delivering smart, complete, and high-quality solutions that assure the best possible business outcomes. Guided by the watchwords Think and Restore, COLUMBIA Technologies is committed to Partnering for Smarter Sustainable Solutions.

How We Do It: Roadmap to Monetization

A key element of the COLUMBIA Technologies Way is aligning previous history and future objectives with the data-supported current state. So for every site, we begin by learning your monetization goals, as well as investments you have already made.

Working closely with your business and engineering leadership, we develop a very specific joint scope of work (SOW), focused on achieving environmentally responsible results. This asset-specific roadmap to monetization addresses timeframes, investment criteria and the human and technology resources available to meet your goals. Plus, it provides the framework in which we can become your trusted partner in formulating smarter sustainable solutions.


In successful site restoration, there is no substitute for experience. At COLUMBIA Technologies, we have the experience you can trust. Since 1999, our technical staff of experienced geologists, chemists, and engineers who thoroughly understand high-resolution site characterization have performed over 2,500 high-resolution site evaluations at environmentally challenged sites worldwide: throughout the United States, and in Canada, Mexico and Brazil, and Australia.

Our 300-plus customers include 20 of the world’s top environmental design firms, Global 500 companies, numerous U.S. state, and federal agencies. COLUMBIA Tech has developed collaborative partnerships with:

  • Global corporations with complex environmentally contaminated real estate
  • Large manufacturing companies
  • Army, Navy, Air Force, and other Department of Defense sites
  • Federal agencies involved in large, complex cleanup challenges
  • State agencies that oversee underground storage tank (UST) and dry cleaner cleanup programs
  • Large petroleum companies
  • Railroad corporations
  • Environmental consultants/integrators that provide strategic and technical assistance to State and Federal cleanup programs.

We are eager to become your partner on the road to monetizing your environmentally troubled real property assets.