How to Implement a High-Resolution Site Assessment

We at COLUMBIA Technologies believe your most successful site assessment will result from a collaborative Joint Scope of Work (JSOW).  Site assessments are complex, involving a number of technical and logistic issues that if not addressed by someone on the technical team will result in unnecessary delays, costs and ultimately the wrong answer.  Our 30 years of experience in the site assessment business can help you design and implement the most cost-effective high-resolution site assessment to meet your project goals. The first steps in getting started are:

Project Timeline

1. Contact Us

Contact one of our experienced team members to review your project goals and the applicability of High-Resolution Site Characterization tools and methodology for your site.

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2. Submit Basic Data Form 

Provide your project goals and the applicable historical information, site maps, soil descriptions, analytical results, groundwater conditions, and results of prior remedial activities using our Secure FileVault.

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3. Needs Analysis and Project Planning

Our team will review your project needs with you and provide a proposed Joint Scope of Work and technical work plan.


4. Visualize Your Current Conceptual Site Model

We will visualize your current site conceptual model in SmartData Solutions® to provide for real-time updates during the site work, provide quality control of the developing project lines of evidence, and monitor the allocated project budget.

SmartData Solutions®


5. Site Work and Daily Data Review

Our team will host a daily web conference call to review the production results, answer technical questions, and monitor progress towards meeting the objectives of the Joint Scope of Work.


6. Final Data Review and Project Reporting

Following quality control review of the field data, we will host a final web conference call to review the team's observation and proposed final report.