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COLUMBIA Technologies Recognized with EBJ’s 2010 Business Achievement Award for New Practice Areas

Posted by admin on Jan 6, 2011 12:36:33 AM

COLUMBIA Technologies has been recognized for their rapid expansion of their industry unique business model throughout North America with EBJ’s 2010 Business Achievement Award for New Practice Areas. In 2010, COLUMBIA Technologies extrapolated their “on call” business model into 29 states including Hawaii, increasing their total market penetration to 45 of 50 states; and into the provinces of Alberta and Ontario, Canada. Upcoming projects are in the planning stage for Mexico as well as Puerto Rico.

In 2010, COLUMBIA Technologies worked with 57 different clients throughout North America and Hawaii at over 100 project locations. They contracted with 10 out of 20, 15 out of 30, and 20 out of 40 from the Environmental Business International’s top rated environmental consulting and engineering firms on a broad range of commercial and military sites.“Our unique business model enables us to work with environmental, legal and property professionals throughout the United States and overseas while delivering cost-effective solutions to optimize site remediation” said John Sohl, Chief Executive Officer for COLUMBIA Technologies. “In previous years and certainly in 2010, we’ve proven that COLUMBIA is not limited to a specific geographic region and our primary focus is serving our clients on a nationwide scale.”

Since 1998 Environmental Business International’s Environmental Business Journal has recognized outstanding business performance in the environmental industry with their EBJ Business Achievement Awards. Marking the 13th year of this recognition, award winners are divided into business achievement categories by size and segment, M&A awards, new practice areas, and international expansion. Outstanding projects and new technology developments or applications are awarded Project Merit Awards or Technology Merit Awards. The winners are presented with a formal presentation of their awards at the official ceremony of the Environmental Industry Summit on March 9, 2011 at the Hotel del Coronado in Coronado, CA located outside of San Diego. In total, 57 Business Achievement Awards have been nominated to various companies who qualified for their outstanding achievements in the past year.

“We at EBJ have long recognized COLUMBIA Technologies as a leader in the development of site characterization technologies, but now we recognize the rapid evolution of its business model with a 2010 EBJ Business Achievement Award” said Grant Ferrier, President for Environmental Business International, Inc.

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