List of Relevant Conferences This Fall 2018

Posted by John Sohl on Sep 10, 2018 10:18:00 AM

List of Relevant Conferences Fall 2018


Event:              NTC 2018 – National Tanks Conference

Dates:             11-13 September

Location:         Louisville, KY

Learn what's new in the Underground Storage Tank program and our progress in cleaning up the remaining 67,000 cases nationwide.

(Note: I will be participating in Focusing High-Resolution Site Characterization (HRSC) for Selecting Remedial Technologies and presenting Improved Financial Sustainability Through Innovation.) 

 Event:              AIPG – Georgia Section - 8th Conference on: Innovative Environmental Assessment and Remediation Technology 

Dates:             18-19 September

Location:         Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, GA

Hear discussions on the latest technology regarding environmental assessment and remediation given by regulators, engineering and geological consultants, attorneys, etc. 

(Note: I will be presenting Choosing The Right Scale Appropriate Investigation Tools To Support Successful Outcomes)



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CIMAS 2017

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COLUMBIA Technologies do Brasil, Ltda. Continues to Build Relationships in Latin America at the V International Congress on Subsurface Environment (CIMAS 2017) 

SÃO PAULO, BRASIL – October 30, 2017 – COLUMBIA Technologies do Brasil, Ltda,  a leading environmental assessment and analysis firm in Brasil will be in attendance at the V Congresso Internacional de Meio Ambiente Subterrâneo in São Paulo, Brasil.  COLUMBIA Technologies do Brasil provides high-resolution site characterization assessments to aid property owners in reducing the risk, uncertainty and cost of contaminated land investigation and remediation. COLUMBIA will attend with their joint venture partner, Aragon Perfurações e Sondagens, a services firm offering the largest array of advanced environmental drilling equipment in Brasil.

Meet John at CIMAS 2017

COLUMBIA’s CEO, John Sohl, and the Aragon staff will be available to answer questions regarding advanced site characterization technologies and strategies, the latest rock coring direct push equipment, and SmartData Solutions®

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For COLUMBIA Technologies, Success in the Global Market is about Commitment and Execution

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Article originally featured on Tradeology, the official blog of ITA (International Trade Administration)

Doug Barry is a Senior International Trade Specialist in the Trade Information CenterU.S. Commercial Service within the International Trade Administration. 

John Sohl, owner of Columbia Technologies, conducting training for partners in Mexico

John H. Sohl III is founder of Columbia Technologies, a Maryland company that maps underground pollution from large manufacturing facilities, oil terminals, pipelines and military bases. The company is a client of the Baltimore Export Assistance Center.

Barry:  How do you map underground pollution?

Sohl:  Mapping involves deployment of sensor technologies that track leakage and migration of pollutants.  Following analysis by our technicians, customers can make decisions on risk assessment, disposition of the property and proper cleanup actions.

Sohl:  I started the company about 15 years ago after doing similar work in the U.S. Navy.  I was always intrigued with the application of sensors and three-dimensional mapping of components, and that’s the approach we brought to the industry.  The world really is getting flat and many of our clients are global industries that have footprints both in the U.S. and North America as well as the globe.  So once we’ve established a good working relationship and reputation with those firms, they sought to bring us into other parts of the globe.

Barry:  So your initial market entry strategy was to piggyback on clients here in the U.S. and ride them into new markets.

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