List of Relevant Conferences This Fall 2018

Posted by John Sohl on Sep 10, 2018 10:18:00 AM

List of Relevant Conferences Fall 2018


Event:              NTC 2018 – National Tanks Conference

Dates:             11-13 September

Location:         Louisville, KY

Learn what's new in the Underground Storage Tank program and our progress in cleaning up the remaining 67,000 cases nationwide.

(Note: I will be participating in Focusing High-Resolution Site Characterization (HRSC) for Selecting Remedial Technologies and presenting Improved Financial Sustainability Through Innovation.) 

 Event:              AIPG – Georgia Section - 8th Conference on: Innovative Environmental Assessment and Remediation Technology 

Dates:             18-19 September

Location:         Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, GA

Hear discussions on the latest technology regarding environmental assessment and remediation given by regulators, engineering and geological consultants, attorneys, etc. 

(Note: I will be presenting Choosing The Right Scale Appropriate Investigation Tools To Support Successful Outcomes)



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Data Needed to Drive Success in EPA's Shift to Performance Based Contracting (PBC) for Superfund

Posted by John Sohl on Apr 28, 2015 4:03:01 PM

 John Sohl, COLUMBIA Technologies' CEO, attended the 8th Symposium on the Design and Construction of Hazardous Waste Sites hosted by the Philadelphia Post of the Society of Military Engineers ( The focus of the symposium was how to incorporate performance based contracting into the environmental restoration of complex sites covered by the nation's Superfund Program.

John's key take-a-ways from the symposium were:

  • The remaining Superfund sites are extremely complex. Successful restoration will be driven by detailed characterization built upon multiple lines of evidence and the best available science and technologies.
  • Successful participants in future cleanups will be characterized by highly collaborative teams with aligned goals, risk, and reward.
  • Information will drive clarity and successful communication with all stakeholders involved in the restoration efforts. Even after restoration efforts begin, there will be a continuing need for adaptive management using data-driven performance metrics.

The PBC contracts will be procured across multiple EPA regions in three major groups: Design Environmental Services (DES), Remediation Environmental Services (RES), and Environmental Services and Operations (ESO). Procurements will be open to both large and small businesses. The new contracting acquisition framework is being handled through EPA's Office of Superfund Remediation Technology and Innovation (OSRTI) ( and FedBizOpps (

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