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Indiana IDEM and IFA Affirm their commitment to improved collaboration.

Posted by John Sohl on Mar 4, 2023 7:19:13 AM
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Indiana IDEM and IFA Affirm their commitment to improved training, communication, and collaboration.

Many thanks to the Midwestern States Environmental Consulting Association (MSECA) for hosting an annual update by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) and Financing Authority (IFA) this past week.  The event was well-planned and attended.   In addition to a State of the Agency presentation by Commissioner Brian Rockensuess,  we heard updates on Remediation Program Guides and Tips on Submitting Restrictive Covenants.  IFA's Brownfields Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator, John Morris,  emphasized the importance of early and frequent collaboration on moving impacted real estate through the voluntary cleanup process.  Morris also pointed out collaboration can yield better results by thinking outside the box and finding funding solutions creatively.

A common thread running through each presentation was the need for good communication between all the parties involved in the site management process.   Early discussions will also identify when differences in understanding and training and decrease the chances of project delays or disapproved applications.   

In addition to improving communication, other focus areas identified by Commissioner Rockensuess included improved staffing to help move cases faster,  considering how each action of the agency can improve conditions in impacted communities,  dealing with the challenges of PFAS contamination and disposal, new legislation, improving the department information management systems, and reducing unacceptable delays in billing.

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