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Serial entrepreneur and team leader of an extensive staff of well educated technical and business professionals. Our unique combination of the brightest people, comprehensive processes, and innovative technologies enable us to successfully execute hundreds of high resolution environmental site characterization projects throughout the Americas and Asia. We are focused on providing our clients reliable, actionable information in real time in order to cut time and cost while reducing the risk of environmental liabilities.
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New Horizons in UST Cleanup: Insights from the EPA HRSC Study Report

Posted by John Sohl on Apr 23, 2024 11:27:39 AM

Revolutionizing UST Site Cleanup with HRSC Technology

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As COLUMBIA Technologies marks a significant milestone – our 25th anniversary

Posted by John Sohl on Jan 30, 2024 11:06:04 AM

As COLUMBIA Technologies marks a significant milestone – our 25th anniversary – we take a moment to reflect on our journey and the invaluable partnerships that have shaped our path. For a quarter of a century, we've been at the forefront of environmental technology and site remediation, driven by a passion for innovation and a steadfast commitment to environmental stewardship.

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The Role of Environmental Remediation in Sustainable Development

Posted by John Sohl on Dec 9, 2023 4:48:22 PM

Explore how Environmental Remediation is spearheading sustainable development, restoring contaminated sites, and fostering a healthier future.

The Importance of Environmental Remediation

Environmental remediation proves crucial in fostering a healthier environment. By removing toxins, it mitigates health hazards and bolsters the well-being of all living organisms.

The process importantly bolsters ecosystem recovery. Purging residual contaminants from long-term pollution sources, like the contaminated UST site in Auburn, Alabama, delivers new opportunities for ecosystems to rebound and flourish.

Understanding the Concept of Environmental Remediation

Environmental remediation operates on core principles of containment, treatment, disposal, and resource recovery aimed at rehabilitating contaminated sites for the welfare of ecosystems and communities. Such principles ensure efficient, effective, and sustainable solutions to environmental pollution issues.

Through Environmental Remediation, Columbia Technologies is promising a bright future for Auburn by rehabilitating its longstanding polluted sites with comprehensive, efficient, and sustainable solutions.

From concept to implementation, the remediation process begins with a thorough assessment of the contamination extent, followed by the careful selection of appropriate remediation technology. This phase allows for a comprehensive, eco-friendly, and sustainable approach to achieve the ultimate goal - environmental restoration.

Why Sustainable Development Relies on Environmental Remediation

Environmental remediation reduces pollutants, reclaiming lands previously deemed unfit for use. This lays a clean foundation, vital for sustainable growth, as it prevents future harm and fosters positive environmental stewardship.

Sustainability and remediation are intertwined. Conservation efforts ensure future resource availability by relying on remediation to clear contaminants and heal the environment. It's a synergistic relationship, safeguarding our planet’s resources for generations.

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Indiana IDEM and IFA Affirm their commitment to improved collaboration.

Posted by John Sohl on Mar 4, 2023 7:19:13 AM

Indiana IDEM and IFA Affirm their commitment to improved training, communication, and collaboration.

Many thanks to the Midwestern States Environmental Consulting Association (MSECA) for hosting an annual update by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) and Financing Authority (IFA) this past week.  The event was well-planned and attended.   In addition to a State of the Agency presentation by Commissioner Brian Rockensuess,  we heard updates on Remediation Program Guides and Tips on Submitting Restrictive Covenants.  IFA's Brownfields Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator, John Morris,  emphasized the importance of early and frequent collaboration on moving impacted real estate through the voluntary cleanup process.  Morris also pointed out collaboration can yield better results by thinking outside the box and finding funding solutions creatively.

A common thread running through each presentation was the need for good communication between all the parties involved in the site management process.   Early discussions will also identify when differences in understanding and training and decrease the chances of project delays or disapproved applications.   

In addition to improving communication, other focus areas identified by Commissioner Rockensuess included improved staffing to help move cases faster,  considering how each action of the agency can improve conditions in impacted communities,  dealing with the challenges of PFAS contamination and disposal, new legislation, improving the department information management systems, and reducing unacceptable delays in billing.

COLUMBIA Technologies is committed to a safe, efficient, and environmentally sustainable work environment, leveraging emerging technologies and innovation to improve efficiency, enhance safety and capture high-quality data.

For more information or to learn how COLUMBIA Technologies can support your long-term management of environmental liabilities in the Midwest,   Click Here.

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COLUMBIA Technologies and DR1 Group partner to provide UAV services

Posted by John Sohl on Feb 25, 2023 9:05:07 PM

More Services - More Value Added for Our Customers.

COLUMBIA Technologies is pleased to announce a new partnership with GRUPO DR-1 to provide Unmanned Aerial (Drone) Survey capabilities in Latin America and Africa.  

The DR1 GROUP (DR1) is a leading Brazilian drone (UAV) solutions provider with a well-established reputation for safety, quality, efficiency, and innovation. DR1 uses advanced drone and sensor technology, operational excellence, and well-defined safety protocols to deliver high-quality services and products to its clients. Together we innovate to provide high-value information assets that help site managers reduce the risk, uncertainty, and costs of contaminated site cleanup and remediation.

COLUMBIA Technologies is committed to a safe, efficient, and environmentally sustainable work environment, leveraging emerging technologies and innovation to improve efficiency, enhance safety and capture high-quality data. Our collaboration with Grupo DR1 embraces this commitment, leveraging drones to reduce potential safety hazards and improve efficiency and sustainability while delivering higher quality, integrated data to our clients. DR1 is one of only a few companies globally certified as an External Inspection Specialist with drones by the ABS Classifier. In addition, it is the only company in Latin America approved by SHELL to inspect offshore infrastructure.

With national and international clients from the Oil & Gas, Energy, and Mining sectors, Grupo DR1 has extensive experience that encompasses high-resolution photogrammetric surveys, visual and thermographic inspections of natural resources and infrastructure, confined space inspections, and offshore oil spill monitoring.

For more information,  Click Here.

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Quality = Smart People + Training

Posted by John Sohl on Aug 30, 2021 11:15:00 AM

What an exciting two weeks!  

Our OPS team just wrapped up our version of "Boot Camp" with three new team members.   I had the pleasure of observing three really sharp individuals with diverse backgrounds in geology, chemistry, and biology as they participated in two weeks of intense classroom and practical training.  Upon successful completion of their training, they will be ready for the busy end-of-year schedule.

Admiral Hyman Rickover, the father of the nuclear navy, and a distant mentor is credited with saying "you can't supervise a lack of knowledge."  This guiding principle has been one of the foundations of the COLUMBIA team since its inception.  Building on this principle our boot camp emphasizes the principles of operation for all our direct sensing instruments,  proper use of standard operating procedures, maintenance, troubleshooting, and accurate field data recording.  

The team now adds OSHA health and safety and Red Cross first aid certifications.   Then they head to field operations under the watchful eye of our senior geochemist where they each will complete a series of practical factors for each step of site assessment on a variety of sites.  The final step in their qualification is a written exam covering a wide range of topics encountered during their training.  Upon successful completion of the program, we will be proud to welcome them as fellow employee-owners of COLUMBIA Technologies.

If you are fortunate to have these wonderful folks on your site in the near future please wish them well and provide your own piece of training for them.  They are the key to providing the data you can trust!


 CALL +1-888-344-2704 or

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Thoughts for Recent Graduates

Posted by John Sohl on Jun 10, 2020 6:01:24 PM

It was my honor and pleasure to participate this morning in the third Kickstarter Program hosted by Clemson University.   Here are my thoughts for the recent graduates and others participating in today's virtual event.

First, Congratulations!  You have demonstrated tremendous drive and persistence to succeed that will carry you far…. whatever your area of expertise or industry.

You enter the industry and the workforce in unprecedented times and will need the drive and persistence that brought you to this point.  You are hopefully facing many options and perhaps wondering how to navigate the decisions in front of you.

My advice to you is to FIRST take an inventory of who you are, who you want to work with, and what kind of company or opportunity is the right match for your passion and ideals. Consider these before focusing on your specific technical skills and don’t compromise.

You asked for some golden nuggets so here are my thoughts to consider in your new endeavors:

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World Environment Day 05 June 2019

Posted by John Sohl on Jun 5, 2019 7:29:43 AM

Today is World Environment Day which was first held in 1974.  Since then, 143 countries hae taken part in recognizing World Environment Day.  The day focuses on environmental concerns ranging from pollution to global warming and sustainable food production to protection of wildlife.

The team at COLUMBIA Technologies along with our global partners  firmly believe a more sustainable planet requires global collaboration.  We are dedicated to providing our clients smarter, scientific-based, sustainable solutions when it comes to contaminated land.  It's our goal to be constantly changing the course of remediation to reduce the cost & liability of contaminated land for a better tomorrow.

COLUMBIA Technologies LLC (USA)

COLUMBIA Technologies do Brasil Ltda (Brazil)

COLUMBIA Technologies AFRICA (Pty) Ltd 

Learn More


 CALL +1-888-344-2704 

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Verifying LNAPL Plume Stability

Posted by John Sohl on May 1, 2019 10:57:45 AM

Spring is here!  In addition to springtime blooms and new wildlife it's also conference season.  It's always a pleasure to hear industry leaders advancing our our level of understanding of the complex biosphere tainted with man-made contamination.  This past month I had the pleasure of attending the Fifth International Symposium on Bioremediation and Sustainable Environmental Technologies close to home in Baltimore 2019.  Dr. John Cherry's presentation on what we know compared to what don't know through ignorance was a real eye-opener!  The symposium was also highlighted with an awesome panel speaking on Contaminant Geology.

Last week I had the opportunity to speak at the Alabama Conference on USTs on the lessons learned through high-resolution investigations, and in particular the value of high-resolution soil sampling to isolate the residual LNAPL mass on our more complex and difficult sites.  Several others emphasized the importance of improved characterization before implementation of expensive and most likely financially unsustainable remediation systems. 

ITRC guidance document LNAPL-3: LNAPL Site Management: LCSM Evolution, Decision Process, and Remedial Technologies refers to several lines of evidence to verify LNAPL plume stability.   Accurately mapping the residual LNAPL and verifying stability are the first steps in building an effective LNAPL conceptual site model.  We were assured by ADEM staff that they hear this message and are supportive of better characterization focused on identifying any residual LNAPL and verifying the LNAPL body is stable. 

At COLUMBIA, our team takes pride in providing industry leading data reports to conduct a remedial optimization study to characterize the problem and identify cost saving alternatives through:

  • High-Resolution LNAPL Assessment
  • Low-Level Diffuse GW Plume Mapping
  • Direct Sensing (MIP, MiHpt, LIF, OIP)
  • Data Management and Visualization
  • Real Time Data & Results on any device

Try our Interactive Project Pricing Calculator!

We'll roll up our sleeves and work alongside you better understand those persistent and complex LNAPL sites.

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COLUMBIA Technologies Completes 20 Years of Service!

Posted by John Sohl on Feb 4, 2019 12:30:00 PM

Celebrating 20 Years of High-Resolution Site Characterization Services

COLUMBIA Technologies is excited to announce that we just passed our 20 year milestone in providing quality high-resolution site characterization services around the globe.

Working with our partners in Brazil and Africa we have delivered over 2000 individual site characterization projects, providing real data, in real time, reliably  to our consulting firm clients.

THANK YOU  to our clients, partners, and the many COLUMBIA Technologies team members who made achieving this milestone possible.  We look forward to 2019 and beyond to offer a growing range of services to our global customers.

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