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Exploring Innovation at the 2018 National Tanks Conference

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CIMAS 2017

Tracking Diffuse TCE Plumes with Low-Level MIP - Webinar Available

COLUMBIA Technologies Supports ReLASC-NICOLE Brasil in Lima

High-Resolution LNAPL Assessment at Persistent Former Retail Station

Should Site Assessments Be Conducted Through Traditional Sampling, Groundwater Monitoring Wells, or Direct Sensing Methods?

COLUMBIA Technologies Welcomes Gayle Goff as Quality Assurance Manager

Data Needed to Drive Success in EPA's Shift to Performance Based Contracting (PBC) for Superfund

COLUMBIA Technologies to Support 24th National Tanks Conference & Expo in Denver, CO

COLUMBIA Technologies Presenting at the Second International Symposium on Bioremediation and Sustainable Environmental Technologies

Hydraulic Permeability: The Key to Identifying Contaminant Transport Zones at LNAPL and DNAPL Sites for Remediation-Focused Site Investigations

COLUMBIA Technologies to Sponsor Environmental Industry Summit XI and John Sohl, CEO to Participate in the Executive Response Panel

COLUMBIA Technologies Recognized with EBJ’s 2012 Business Achievement Award for International Expansion

Resurgent Petrochemical and Manufacturing Industries Spur Solid Growth for COLUMBIA Technologies

The 7 Biggest Myths of Direct Sensing (Part II)

The 7 Biggest Myths of Direct Sensing (Part I)

ReLASC 6th International Seminar Characterization and Remediation of Sites Impacted by Hydrocarbons - Mexico City

For COLUMBIA Technologies, Success in the Global Market is about Commitment and Execution

Five Steps to Developing Weighted Lines of Evidence During Site Characterization

Lessons Learned About The Role of LIF-UVOST® in Determining LNAPL Distribution

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High-Resolution Site Characterization Support  in Mexico City

How Comprehensive Site Assessments and Better Data with Integrated Technologies Makes a Difference

NEIWPCC's LUSTLine Bulletin Features LIF to Answer the Question: Where's the LNAPL?

COLUMBIA Technologies Rides Demand For High-Resolution Sub-Surface Characterization

Revised Characterization Plan Accelerates Petroleum Brownfield Cleanup and Redevelopment

COLUMBIA Technologies Recognized with EBJ’s 2010 Business Achievement Award for New Practice Areas

TCE Contamination Affects Community's Water Wells

SmartData Solutions® helps reduce project work scope by 50%

Separating NAPL Compounds using LIF/UVOST® Technology

Developers go underground with help of COLUMBIA Technologies

TCE Contamination Logged Using MIP with SmartData Solutions®

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